sean barnes is "the" san diego curator if you're looking for your carefully calculated cabinet of curiosities . . .

Sean Barnes, a renowned San Diego curator, has spent the past 15 years transforming his business, Love & Aesthetics, into a landmark known for its distinctive visual stamp. His passion for art and design has driven him to create a space where elegance meets innovation, making Love & Aesthetics a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and design lovers alike.

Step into Love & Aesthetics, where the essence of dark romance meets unique design, creating a haven for those seeking the extraordinary in San Diego. Our boutique, created by the imagination of Sean Barnes, brings together a meticulously curated collection of home decor, kids’ toys and clothing, and handmade jewelry, each piece telling its own story of love and aesthetic wonder.

As the visionary behind Love & Aesthetics, Sean ensures that each piece in the boutique resonates with the gallery’s unique aesthetic. Immerse yourself in our world of exclusive designs from Seletti, Jonathan Adler, and Cire Trudon, and let our niche fragrances transport you to a realm where every scent is a story, every candle a secret. Here, the beauty of the macabre intertwines with the elegance of the modern, offering a distinct collection that defies the ordinary. Sean’s dedication to fostering a vibrant art community and his commitment to excellence have made him a leading curator in San Diego, enriching the cultural landscape of the city.