About us

From housewares to furniture, jewelry to gifts, and luxurious bath and body products and fragrances, L&A is a lifestyle store founded on the principles of exploring the brilliant light and the sensual shadow of love, and eclectic aesthetic visions - from the tried and true, to the new and noteworthy.

Love and Aesthetics brings its patrons to the edge of darkness as it breaks into the horizon of romance, helping to bring vivid visual adventure into people's spaces and daily lives. L&A's lifestyle vision is centered on the aesthetic sensibilities and design concepts that owner Sean Barnes firmly believes in, carefully curating lines that are seldom seen and exclusive to the San Diego area. The boutique hosts a dance of both exquisite handmade and finely produced items that have spoken straight to the owner's heart, unique objects that he has selected for their inspiring excellence.

The main opportunity for shoppers in L&A is their exposure to unknown and rarely seen talents, a love of which L&A was built upon. Sean focuses on lines that are not highly represented in San Diego. The dark and modern romantic aesthetic at L&A rounds out the otherwise beach-centric Southern California vibe in most interiors of the region. Guided by his intuitive knack for collecting beautiful things and knowing their immense aesthetic value when gathered together, Love & Aesthetics is Sean Barnes' introduction to the world of the way he loves living and the artists and lines he believes in most.

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