Imaginary Authors - Whispered Myths EDP 50 ml

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When the long hours Azzam Issa pulls at his family’s bakery begin to interfere with his day-job as a security guard at The Louvre things turn bizarre. Angelic creatures move from one painting to the next and statues speak to him in cryptic whispers. In the frantic search for the true identities of these lost souls, Azzam discovers something far more remarkable, his own.

Bold, long-lasting, and deep, Whispered Myths is the richest and most sumptuous Imaginary Authors scent yet. The depths of this particular tale are sketched in a novel combination of authentic Cambodian oud, honey, and a fresh cantaloupe note, which combine to soften the edges of the oud and create a robust, pleasantly musty vintage feel- in other words, the perfect smell of a museum after dark, rich, mysterious, and packed with mysterious, subtle energy. Wear it with reverence and appreciate your dynamic place in this big, crazy world.

Whispered Myths  Notes

Natural Cambodian Oud, Cantaloupe, Cedarwood, Muskdana, Honey, Salvaged Shipwreck